5 Questions to ask before you accept a job offer!


Congratulations, you just received a job offer – nice going! The recruitment process is a two-way street. The employer is offering you the job, and you are offering the skills. Before accepting a job offer make sure you have all the information you need to make an informed decision. If you didn’t ask these questions during the interview process, now is the time!


  • Is this a new position or a backfill hire?


If it’s a new position – has the role been clearly defined, or will you be expected to shape the position as you go? If it’s a backfill you need to know what happened to your predecessor. If they are no longer in the business, it’s worth checking on LinkedIn to see how long that person stayed. Understanding why someone was not successful in the role will help you understand the reality of what is expected


  • What does success look like in the first year?


Its important to know what criteria the business uses to measure success. Are these expectations different from what you heard during the interview process? Are the expectations well defined and achievable? Are the realistic for you?


  • Can I meet some of the them?


The likelihood is that you will have met several the senior people during the interview process but perhaps not your direct peers. Typically, an informal coffee / drinks is your best bet here. Of course, in current climate these are virtual get-togethers, but still extremely valuable. Once people relax a little, you will be able to subtly suss out the realities of the company!


  • How are the company values reflected in the day to day?


As you have been through the interview process you should already be aware of the company values and are satisfied that they align with your own. Unfortunately, for some companies the values were conceived several years ago, and no longer reflect the reality of the business anymore. This is a somewhat open question, but the answer can tell you if the company has drifted from its core values


  • How are after hours / weekend communications managed?


Depending on the role some level of after-hours work may be required. Ad hoc emails / calls during major projects is nothing new. However, if you are working as part of a team across multiple time zones you could be opening yourself up to no end of heartache, unless the communication process is well structured and defined.


If you have any questions for me our our wider IT Search team, please feel free to give us a shout!