As our world becomes ever smaller and connected, with a device in everyone’s pocket millions of times faster than the software that powered Apollo 11, the demand for Software Engineering expertise continues to grow and diversify.

Add in IoT, Cloud Computing, DevOps and how society is becoming more and more digital, our clients rely on IT Search to provide access to the most suitable, skilled and motivated candidates available.

Our methodology of recruitment in the Software Sector, be it Full Stack Java or C#/.NET, C++; AWS or Azure or polyglot requirements, is to match the cultural fit and “career curve” of our client base with our candidates’ core values, not only their technical match. IT Search operates on a quality, not quantity basis and our consultants are subject matter experts who have the experience and technical knowledge to identify, engage and introduce active and passive candidates.

We can measure our success by the very high level of returning clients, many of whom have filled their entire development teams through IT Search, this simple metric demonstrates the value we add.


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