CRM Manager

Probably one of the funkiest CRM roles in Dublin. Probably.  And if that word unnerves you – probs best to leave it. Taa. 

Here’s to the mavericks. The visual gurus. The people who make brands tick. Here’s to the data – the DNA of what makes marketing amazing.

Here’s to you; for reading this & thinking – yep… I’m done with what I’m doing and could do with augmenting my life with a role that connects me with a generation of people who are in it to LIVE IT.

Here’s the opportunity to be part of something stellar- a company of big thinkers & ‘poke-it-with-a-stick- ers’  that shake up their space in partnership with some of the world’s most awe inspiring brands.

I’m working to appoint a CRM Manager in BTL Analytics armed with a Multi Million Euro Budget – and I’m looking for someone perhaps a bit like you? 


Are you data driven & love interfacing with digital, brand & agency partners to ensure brand messaging and customer engagement across all channels – to drive results? 


Want to connect with an energetic & passionate customer base – obsessed with living their best lives? 

Are you someone who relishes understanding the metrics & behaviours of customers and believes in the power of retention & giving loyal & new customers exactly what they are likely to enjoy?


Over the words “digital” & “social” – and appreciate that what we do in 2020 is party with our base- journey with them on their adventures…  #FYP… #hashtag …slide into those DMs… you feel me? 


IT Search (the leading integrated data, digital, tech partner in Ireland) are partnering with a brand firmly embedded in Gen Z’s digital footprint.

My client are looking for someone with the ability to drive a new way of looking at CRM for the better – using best in class digital technologies – as part of an award winning (yes – prizes people) – team.


  • You’re the CRM manager… you’ll segment and ascertain who’s in the base & give them the content the brand needs those people to see – to grow the bottom line.
  • €3M EURO… that’s the budget…. need I say more? (Click apply… but hey read on… fine!)
  • You’ll inform campaigns & messaging with the team
  • You’ll not just measurement; you’ll SET the measures.
  • You’re “THE BOSS” when it comes to reporting on what’s going on across channels – BTL in particular. If you don’t know what BTL is … you’re not at the races (soz!).
  • Collecting data – finding ways to bring this all together centrally
  • Elevating CRM as a capability & showcasing its POWER across the business
  • We’ll share the long form specification of course. 


  • You understand eCommerce
  • You have experience in utilising agency partners
  • You’re someone who has gotten their hands dirty in data… yep those dashboards dumbed it all down didn’t it? But can you suss out if the insight and the data… aren’t in line… rather you won’t be fooled… in other words you’re actually interested in finding out what’s what.
  • Flexible. You need to be able to adapt to the growth of this group’s “digital” growth. You have patience… it’s a journey into rapidly expanding the scope of CRM and it’ll take time.


  • Let’s talk.  Let’s just say – it’s pretty significant. This is not a run-drum CRM role. We’ll reward people who come at this with some ‘OOMPH’.

About IT Search

Adrian Clarke is Associate Director of IT Search & he’s handling this brief. Your application will be handled in strictest confidence & we will be happy to advise you on your career & direction in data analytics, data science, data technology or digital analytics.

We spend a great deal of time solving our client’s challenges – through appointing passionate people.

People, like you.


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