Get to know our team – Ruadhri McGarry, Principal Consultant IT Search


At IT Search we firmly believe that what makes us special is our people and their specialised experience. With that in mind we thought we’d introduce you to our team and how they came to join us, what their backgrounds are and why they’ve stuck around with us.

We hope you enjoy our first interview in this series with Ruadhri McGarry as much as we enjoyed speaking with him!


Tell us about you and your current role in IT Search:


Hi I’m Ruadhri, Principal Consultant at IT Search and Founding Consultant. I’m very proud of what we’ve built over the past six years, bringing on board and retaining exceptional and interesting clients, utilising our own methodology of recruitment to bear on the Irish and International IT Recruitment space, all driven by a deep knowledge of what our clients want and making that match with the available (and often passive) talent on the market.


Tell us about your background and how you got into recruitment?


I am a musician/sound engineer by training and trade, initially starting in telesales in technology. I met with a recruiter about a job they were filling and asked me to join them as a junior recruiter. I’ve found being a recruiter really suits me as I enjoy learning more and more about technology, but also, I enjoy helping people progress their careers, I’m interested in the choices people make and their motivations, what they’re looking for. Hand in hand with this is of course seeing companies succeed based on the talent we have found them.


What made you chose to work for IT Search?


Based on a previous working (and personal) relationship with the Managing Director of our parent firm, we’d been discussing the idea of starting a new IT Recruitment brand for some time. When the time was right for both of us, we went for it.


What do you enjoy most working at IT Search?


There’s a lot to like (great environment, very strong internal team of colleagues and support staff, excellent conditions) but the key point is the autonomy and respect each of us has as a given. Of course, there is guidance and training on an ongoing basis, but each of us is given the space to excel at what we are best at individually, with no micromanaging, no stressing on KPIs, but an overarching desire across the business to do a very good job. This means working with precision and pride in your work. Nobody puts as much pressure on you as you put on yourself. This comes from inside rather than from external pressures.


What do you like about your role?


I like the variety and the freedom. Obviously we’re a business with objectives and targets, but with the environment we’ve created, success comes naturally (with hard work of course!) I like working on different roles in different sectors and locations simultaneously, means you have to “context switch” constantly and on any given day you’re spinning multiple plates. Sometimes you need to switch off to focus on a given task or role, but with the team we have built, there is a high level of trust amongst us that allows us to pass vital work to our colleagues, happy that it will be looked after professionally.


What makes IT Search different to other agencies?


The people and the autonomy I would say. I am regularly gobsmacked by the quality of the work achieved by my colleagues who are always ethical and always precise. I work with strong characters you can trust, not every workplace has this and we value personality fit probably higher than pure Recruitment ability. We have grown closer and become a bigger and more successful team since the shift to working at home due to excellent and honest communication.


In terms of autonomy, the lack of focus on KPIs demonstrates the trust we have in each other to perform well individually and as a team, we know what we’re doing and we’re self-motivated. That’s not to say KPIs do not have a place, of course they do, but it’s more about being aware of where your effort is going, ultimately we fill jobs, but we also service our client base well and we’re encouraged to do things in a manner that suits our own way of working rather than trying to micromanage a given type of recruiter. That’s really not us.


What made you stay in IT Search?


Knowing you’re a valued part of a wider team (or family) of colleagues is important. Knowing the team and senior management has your back, whatever the circumstances is invaluable. That demonstrates a level of trust given and received that has ensured success and a happiness in work that means, like being a Dubliner, there’s nowhere else I’d rather be.


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