Get to know our team – Karla O’Rourke, Principal Consultant


At IT Search we firmly believe that what makes us special is our people and their specialised experience. With that in mind we thought we’d introduce you to our team and how they came to join us, what their backgrounds are and why they’ve stuck around with us.

We hope you enjoy our second interview in this series with Karla O’Rourke as much as we enjoyed speaking with her!


Tell us about you and your current role in IT Search:


I’m Karla O’Rourke and I sit within the Digital Transformation team with IT Search. I specialise in recruiting across the PMO space for our client base in Telcos, Utilities, Financial Services, Tech to name a few. The arena I operate in is typically an inch wide deep which allows me to be a real specialist in the field and offer support for both client and candidate alike.




I always believed I wanted to get into HR but never realised how much the area of recruitment would suit me and my skillset so much. I had a strong career in Hospitality and Retail management in my early twenties and I was approached by a Senior Recruiter looking out to build his team in the area of Retail Recruitment. I was so naive to the area of agency recruitment but once I got a taste for the environment – there was no going back. Since then, I have recruited across numerous domains but IT has been the most rewarding and challenging and I plan to continuously develop in the same.




Where do I start? I began interviews with Dave and the IT Search team during lockdown – we were all working remote and I thought it would have been really difficult process to get the feel for an organisation and your future role within that organisation while being remote. I was wrong. IT search stood out to me immediately for a number of reasons when I began looking at a move but it mainly came down to the people and the operating structure. Recruitment is a tough game, it’s not for the faint hearted and it takes no prisioners, in order to be successful in recruitment you’ve got to be a self starter and sometimes be left to your own devices. I’m the type of person that knows where I want to be and what I need to do to get there. Once I have a manager and a team that support me through that (with coffee, sometimes tears and a bit of laughter) then I know I’ll get the job done. When I met with the team in IT search I knew that I’d be able to roll my sleeves up and get stuck in and have the support mechanisms around me to succeed.


What do you enjoy most working at IT Search?


The trust. In reality, our world is pretty intense, it requires a lot of tenacity, energy and pure grit and some companies can be afraid that if someone at a desk 9-5 or hitting 20 KPIs then they aren’t doing their job. All good recuriters know that the job isn’t 9-5, it’s 24/7 – if you’re not doing it someone else is. IT Search trust in their recruitment process to bring self-starters into the business and with that they give them the reigns to do what they do best. That to me, is invaluable.


What makes IT Search different?


I’ve mentioned this before – the people. The team at IT Search are not only talented and very experienced individuals but they have no heirs and graces about them. Right from the VMG director, all the way down to junior consultant the attitude is the same – work hard and get rewarded. The business recognise when their consultants are doing well and don’t just give you a pat on the back but they invest in your career within the group. Unlike a lot of companies, they don’t just say there is a genuine interest in their people – you can actually see it from day one. I enjoy knowing that I am going to be with IT Search for a long time and that I can carve my own career path and development as the team continues to grow.


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